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Telephone: +34 900 363 834

Customer Service

A trained and experienced team will ensure support at all times

Customer Call Centre and Technical support

What is C.C.C.?

The C.C.C. is our Customer Call Centre.

Here, the resolution of incidents, related to the use and performance of the application and presence and access devices, is received, processed and coordinated, such as: clarification of doubts that users and managers may have, collection of suggestions, processing of support in case of failure, etc.

All this is done in coordination with the technical, programming and development departments, until reaching the final solution.

The information processed through the C.C.C. is very useful, since from this it is extracted the adjustments that the service may require, for a greater adaptation to the organization.

Mediante la elaboración de informes periódicos, disponibles para gestores en la aplicación web, los equipos de desarrollo y mantenimiento trabajarán para la mejora continua en la calidad de nuestro servicio.

The C.C.C. also helps you with Formation Punctual, continuous, recycling, or updating, in face-to-face or video-conferencing mode, as users prefer.

Technical support and maintenance

We understand that the technical support must also be comprehensive and continuous.

To all the hardware and software that compose it, through the application of the Preventive, Evolutionary and Corrective plans.


Phone number: our Call Center has a great team to help you further with any questions. International phone number

Email: an exclusive email account for receiving incidents, comments, documentation ...

Corporate Social Network Laycos: In MHP we have the corporate social network Laycos as a communication tool, this program offers an alternative channel of customer support, among many other options.

Discover Laycos

Technical professionals: we have a team of experts waiting for you to solve any doubts, incidents, request changes or make suggestions during office hours