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Legal advice

The calmness of doing things right and being advised at all times

Legal advice

Why is it so important?

Our Legal safety es essential in any process of implantation and to a greater extent, when the service is nourished of sensitive information for its effective operation, as are the personal data.

Therefore, we have a Legal area specializing in protection of personal data at the disposition of customers throughout the duration of our service.

Our highest priority is to ensure that the Integrated Time Management Service will be implant within the legal framework of security and data protection, guaranteeing its obligatory fulfillment.

Where do we start

Providing information to the implantation

Before the implantation of our service, we care about providing all the information related to the legal framework of application: clarifying doubts, explaining all phases of the process and managing the documentation that the client needs to formalize.

During the implementation process

The Legal Department maintains permanent communication with the organization for the correct implantation of the system, guaranteeing that the process fulfills scrupulously with the legal obligations, especially on the subject of safety and protection of information of personal character.

Continuous Legal advice

Our clients have at all times the advice and collaboration of the Legal Department, not only for the resolution of doubts related to the Integral Service of Time Management by the users, but also to offer legal solutions.