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Time attendance device

Having the latest technology allows a high degree of customization and adaptation to the real needs of all users

Time attendance device

The latest versión of our Time Attendance Device is called TRD3.

Its a electronic Time and access device made by us.


Allowing adaptation and software to your organization's technology needs

The client can include your own logo, adapting them to your corporate image

The options in the menu are modifiable

The system allows to collect as many concepts as the company needs (entrance, exit, breakfast, Lunchbreak, meetings out of the office, doctors appointment's, etc.)

Translation available in the menu in different language

Display of the name or numerical code of each user's fingerprint

Data Security

The terminals have security mechanisms that guarantee the protection of personal information

Our device does not store the fingerprint of users but uses an irreversible code after applying the information extracted from each fingerprint of the users

You can store up to 50,000 users, which will be transferred to a server

Our devices have CE labels, showing the compliance with European regulations, as well as justifying the high quality and reliability indexes

Data transmission

All events produced in the terminal are sent to a server, where they are processed by a software program.

The device allows various media, depending on the needs:

Through the Internet, obtaining all movements in real time


The terminal connects to the receiver many times a day and also at the times that it has been programmed, sending all the data recorded so far

* Regardless the status of the communications, the terminal maintains its operation, storing everythinh without power supply. Once communication is restored, it downloads automatically.

Methods of identification

The terminal supports different methods of user identification, combinable with each other



Proximity Card *

Numeric code

* Cards can be customizable with the corporate identity of the customer.

More options

It allows to transfer the information of recorded prints from one device to another, without requiring the presence of users again

It makes its own updates, without affecting the users

Restrict access, manipulation or opening

It acts on mechanisms, such as: opening doors,access entry, etc.

If desired, the keyboard also allow the reading of a braille keyboard

For organizations with geographically dispersed personnel, we have devices for USB connection or also called hamsters

The Time Attendance device allows to control and record access to restricted areas and within a predetermined schedule to specific users. The application manager specifies in the system people who, depending on their schedules, have permission to access specific areas


Our Time Attendance Devices are provided with a continuous and guaranteed maintenance .