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Continuous training

Being able to choose how, where and when you want to start your training is a part of our service

Continuous training

Although the presence and access devices, as well as the application are very intuitive, in order to guarantee the optimum operation of the integral service, we offer a training appropriate to each type of profile , through punctual, continuous training , Recycling and updating.

To do this, we have several alternatives:

Formación a travez de manuales y videos

Training through manuals and videos

Formación presencial

Face-to-face training

Formación mediante videoconferencia

Videoconference training


Especially for all our Entrena customers we have created an online e-learning training platform, oriented to two objectives:

Promote meaningful and functional learning for workers,

to facilitate the work of the Human Resources Departments in relation to the training of their employees.

In MHP we bet for the online training, aimed at acquiring the knowledge necessary for the optimum management of our service, as well as to train attitudes that reaffirm our development in the different living environments.

Under the motto:

“The place to train the attitudes and skills that boost your talent”

We created the Entrena platform to train each and every one of our customers,without additional cost.

Our platform is fresh, with a very accurate design and clean, intuitive and very easy to use. In addition, we have replaced concepts such as: training, courses or subjects taking others such as: to practice, games and challenges.

Entrena platform adapts to the needs of each area of human resources

Spatial, temporal and learning flexibility

Entrena's strengths are:

We make it possible to learn from any site and from any device, fixed or mobile, with Internet connection. Displacement is no longer necessary.

It is linked to the Time schedule Portal of each user. By accessing it, you can do it to Entrena through an additional tab that you find active.

The registration of users is done automatically online.

Every hour of formation that the user has dedicated to every course they will remain registered in the Time schedule Portal, accumulated to compensate or to deduct. The user can choose to use this time record according to their preferences.

Receive automatically a signed digital diploma every time the user has finished a training.

If you already have an online training platform, we take care of importing your courses to Entrena, with the advantages that have to be linked to the Time Portal.

We offer specialised solutions directed to your needs

In this video we present one of the training in which the user will be registered by default:

SPRINT is a client of our Time schedule Portal