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Application Management

Advantages for HR managers, users and for the organization itself to use a system that works on its own

Application Management

Who is who in the Integral Service?

The web application is used mainly by 2 types of profiles:


They are those people within the organization, responsible for all or part of the Human Resources area, or a group of employees, who will manage the requests and incidents that occur through the application. This profile will also act as an intermediary between the organization and MHP.


They are all the people that daily log in the devices, feeding this way the system, which has been previously parametrizado with its schedules, requests, permissions and incidences.

Both managers as users of the integral time management service have access to a Timetable portal, from any computer with Internet access.

Why is it useful for HR managers?

Provides all the necessary information

It provides a database that includes all the assumptions regarding the calculation of schedules and time management

More with less: efficient

The numerous requests that a human resources department or personnel manager have to manage are managed in very few clicks, considerably reducing the cost derived from the use of the paper, the time devoted to its archive and the people assigned to this task

Why is it useful for employees?


The hours worked by the user and all requests through the application, are recorded in the system, you will have the same information as your supervisor.


End-users receive truthful information about: your hours, balances, absenteeism, licenses, applications, etc., online, reducing drastically so the use of the telephone, paper or visits to the department or your manager, with reason to clarify data that you can get through the application



Why should all organizations apply our system?

Useful and necessary for all

This is an application designed to meet the needs of managers of organizations, human resource managers and users

Created with the capacity to adapt to the current labor legislation which regulates each organization

The website is designed to adapt to the corporate image (colors, logo) of the organization

Both the web as the menu of the terminals can be adapted to the desired language

Capacity of integration with pre-existing systems of the organization and compatibility with other softwares of human resources

Transparency: All profiles have the same information

Mobile app

Mobility = Necessity

Aware of the growing need for mobility, we have developed the mobile version of our application:

Created for HR managers and users

Available for Android and iOS mobile devices

Allows the user to review their available data in the system, daily transfers, balances, incidents and requests

¡New! The user can make comfortably any requests and attach the required information in the system to ask permissions

Intuitive Design